Biochemistry and molecular biology focus on the chemical composition of organism and the laws of chemical changes during the life process.


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Our Team
  • Dr. Ji
    Dr. Ji received his Ph.D. in department of biochemistry and molecular biology from The Four Military Medical University, Xi’an China, where he studied cell signal transduction in Dr. Yao’s lab. ...
  • Hong-gang Wang
    Name: Honggang WangSex: malenationality: ChineseBirth date: born in 1975political status:Chinese communist party memberEducational background and exprienceGraduated from speciality of Biochemistry...
  • jiacaiyun
    Now I will introduce myself briefly .My name is jiacaiyun.I am forty-five years old.I got my bachelor degree in clinical medicine after my graduation in the year of 1996. In 2003 I received my M.S...
  • sgt_Resume
    Sun guotaoMale, 38years oldAssociate professorDepartment of biochemistry and molecular biology, Medical College, Henan UniversityEducation2000-2005, Doctor of philosophy, Department of biochemistr...
  • liu guangchao_CV
    UNIVERSITY OF HENAN - SCHOOL OF MEDICINECurriculum Vitae Date: 12/04/2015 Guangchao  Liu , Ph.D.    Address: University of Henan , School of Medicine Department of Bi...